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So for about two months, Bushnell swiped left and right—entertaining the flirtations of sweet-seeming 20-somethings who didn’t know any dating better. ” Bushnell did not explore other dating apps as well; that pursuit alone, she said, could comprise an entire book.

“Being an old coot myself,” Bushnell reasons in the book, “I really didn’t want to hook up with another old coot.”Speaking to on Monday, months after the experiment ended, Bushnell sounded contemplative: “What was interesting about Tinder was [that] everyone was on it, but nobody seemed to like it. But her new work does chronicle other middle-aged adventures—including her consideration of a Mona Lisa vaginal rejuvenation treatment, her friends’ plastic surgeries, trysts with much-younger men, and her own struggle to feel sexy amidst the many unsexy realities of middle-aged life.

the happily ever after…if the happily ever after doesn’t work out. ”The last thing that Bushnell wanted to do after her divorce was look for love.

“I went through a period where I absolutely did not believe in relationships at all,” she explained.

A free, selective, and positive place to flirt, Mesh empowers you to have a better dating experience with singles who meet your standards. Crossing my fingers as I signed up, I hoped the creeps would pass me by.

When I created my first online dating profile, I had many reservations about putting myself out there as target practice for any guy online. And yet, day after day, I found myself buried under a barrage of messages.

This easy system has quickly caught on, with over 20,000 members living in urban places like New York and Portland.

Coding since he was 11 years old, Asher began working as a software professional when he moved away from home at the young age of 14.

“That’s another trajectory that life can take—what if your marriage does work out? “No one ever really talks about it, but some women do it and it is an option for them,” said Bushnell. “To me, the bigger question is, how is this going to affect us as human beings in the next 20 years?

In 20 years, you may not ‘need’ a man as a woman to reproduce.

“There is no way around it.” It’s not like it has to hit a bunch of markers—like you have to get married. ”Bushnell did not get to explore everything she wanted to in , and is grateful that the book is being adapted into a TV series—which she anticipates will give her ample opportunity to analyze other kinds of middle-age relationships. ”Bushnell loves piercing through relationship pretenses to grapple with these direct questions. But money becomes a reality, and a concern in a way that it wasn’t when you were younger. And it’s better to accept that it’s life rather than make a value judgment on it and just get through it.”Tinder may have once felt foreign to this dating anthropologist—but Bushnell has now steeled herself for a world in which the romantic landscape gets even stranger.

“One of the things that I would love to explore that we did not in the book is a woman who stayed married, and maybe her friends are divorced and having a really good time,” Bushnell explained. In her book, she writes with surprising frankness about a friend’s unapologetic decision to marry for money—a subject the author wishes wasn’t so taboo. One of the things that I would like to look at more…yes, people talk about sex. “I don’t want to criticize the times we live in, or the technology, [which is only] increasing exponentially,” said Bushnell.

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