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It is a safe destination for men who want to get their feet wet in eastern Europe.

Wroclaw is the 4largest city in Poland with a population of roughly 640,000 inhabitants.

Wroclaw is a very youthful city, due to its universities, and you’ll notice the sheer number of students walking around during the day in the center during university months.

The city is laid-back, relaxed and has good options when it comes to cafes and dining experiences.

Generally if you book in advance, you can be looking at paying as cheap as 5-10 USD/EUR roundtrip to get to Berlin, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague and many other cities.

It’s best to book in advance when possible in order to nail those cheaper fares. Again – keep in mind (especially) during the university months that the trains are extremely busy on Friday evenings and also on Sunday afternoon/evenings.

Overall, a pleasant city to relax in and spend your time either during the fall, winter and spring months.

Attractiveness of Local Women: 4/5 Receptiveness to Night Game Approach: 4/5 Logistics: 4.5/5 Cost: 3.5/5 English Levels: 4/5 Expect a similar climate to the other countries located in Central Europe.

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Honesty is very important for me but unfortunately there is not much of it, if you are honest and true person then contact me otherwise do not waste your ti.. I love to do sport( swimming, football) other activities: Gym, dance. This is one of the most popular, if not the most popular places to find rental property.If you don’t speak Polish, just throw the website in to Google Translate. There’s not much of a reason to explore via the street cars, unless you’re looking to really get outside the center.Remember, you should always be negotiating on the price for these places, even for short stays.On a recent visit, I was able to ask for a 25% discount on the one of the places I liked, and had an answer back and the place booked all in about 15 minutes.

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