Who is monica bellucci dating

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Nebojsa has a degree in law, but his passion has always been writing.Even though he could have been a great lawyer, he decided to use his talent of being good with words elsewhere.He says that his most memorable trips were to Africa where he draws a lot of inspiration from for his work.At the age of 18, Nicolas Lefebvre attended IESA and at the École du Louvre.

She felt that it was the right time for them to go public as they trust each other and have been together for quite some time now.This was really surprising as Monica did not appear with anyone publicly since 2013.She was then seen with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel and the pair actually separated quite soon after that.His daughter is 6 now and is a very lively girl, as Nicolas describes her.Nicolas often says that Anahi inspires him to make his life and represents his whole world.

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