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While about 65% of Vi DA clients are male, Scott is soon changing that with additions to his site and his team that will cater more to women.

Scott started Vi DA with a scientific approach because he wanted to know, with absolute certainty, what did and didn’t work in online dating.

After a few messages back and forth, a date will be proposed, and for a smoother experience, Vi DA even offers to select the location of the date.

Next, based on the information provided in the initial interview with Vi DA, your account manager will begin digging through each site to find your next date.

Typically, an account manager will select about three sites that suit the your goals.

You will always have access to, and the final say on, what’s included in each profile.

Vi DA cuts out the time it typically takes you to read the profiles of matches and instead sorts through your potential mates personally for the best fit.

Then Vi DA sends the curated profiles to you for approval.

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