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Thanks I don't know of a way to do this easily, since the validating event happens before then new control gets focus.This is just a brainstorming idea, you'd have to play with it to see if it would work.

The event handler receives an argument of type System. Cancel Event Args containing data related to this event.Capture the mousedown event, then see if the click is in the location of one of the controls your allowing it to move to.I think (but could be wrong) the mousedown will happen before your validate. Chris "Alex Bink" Hi, I have a validating event on a textbox in which I want to prevent the user to leave the textbox without entering the right data.Then, there will be short presentations from a few stakeholders, sharing their views of the challenges enterprises face when verifying that their purchased computing devices’ internal components are genuine and have not been altered during the manufacturing and distribution process or after sale from a retailer.Each stakeholder will have 15 minutes to share their thoughts and high level approach for mitigating these challenges.

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