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And since she knew that, she told me: 'Go and get them, big mama! I would have been good in that film but she was perfect".In 1993, she was heavily involved in producing and starring in an independent feature film Cat in the Box, which was never made, and because of that project, she was forced to turn down a role in a movie directed by Carlo Verdone.Gogan has worked with many of the UK's leading film, TV and theatre directors, including Katie Mitchell, Stephen Frears, Ian Mcdiarmid, Anna Makmin, Howard Davies, James Mac Donald, Simon Usher, Nick Hamm, Tinge Krishnan and Charles Mc Dougall.

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The same film also won her the oldest and most prestigious critics prize of the Italian cinema: the Silver Ribbon award for Best Actress.In spite of this, though, she never thought about pursuing a film career until she made her first movie. Her career started by chance when her uncle Enzo received a phone call from director Lina Wertmüller, who was searching for a young girl for her movie, and encouraged Golino to go to Wertmuller's house and meet her.Despite her parents' reservations and Wertmuller's demanding on-set behavior, she liked the experience so much that she decided to pursue an acting career.She quit modeling, a profession that she never found fulfilling or interesting, and started to study diction and elocution.Among her early auditions were Una spina nel cuore (an audition that she called "distasteful") and The Name of the Rose to focus on smaller and more challenging projects.

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