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Please ensure that all of your details are correct on the Tax Invoice prior to paying.

Keep your receipt as evidence of payment until you receive your Licence.

There aren’t too many requirements to drive a forklift but the following should give you a rough outline: The HSC Approved Code of Practice and Guidance “Children under minimum school leaving age should never operate lift trucks” which implies that you can start driving a forklift truck from the age of 16, but it does stipulate elsewhere that forklift truck operators at docs must be at least 18 years of age.

In practice most trainers won’t train anyone under 17, and yet again most employers won’t employ people under 18 due t oother limitations in place due to the weight of forklifts and where they are operating.

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It will still expire/become due for renewal 5 years after the original issue date.

These medical considerations are detailed on pages 8 and 9 of booklet HSG6 provided by the Health and Safety Executive which states: “It is good practice for all operators and potential operators to be screened for fitness before employment and again at regular intervals in middle age.

Examination at age 40 and thereafter at five-yearly intervals up to age 65 is recommended. Examination is also recommended in all cases after an accident or sickness absence of more than one month, or after a shorter period if it appears likely that the illness may affect fitness to operate.” The standard of fitness required to operate a lift truck is generally the same as that required for a Group 1 Driving licence (i.e.

Your forklift licence/certificate is a record of your completion of training and although there isn’t a technical expiry date you will find that 3 years is the maximum gap you should have between your next refreshers training.

This figure arises due to two factors: Even if you discounted the above factors it’s wise to remember that your training doesn’t stop once you leave your training session.

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