Updating dataenvironment commands

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After this, you can proceed to build your ADO-based VB database applications. To do this, simply press Ctrl T to open the components dialog box and select Microsoft Active X Data Control 6. Also, my server on my installation of SQL Server on my laptop is called Similarly, you can call a Web service written in either Fox Pro or in one of the . As we'll see below, you can create a Web service in a minute or two. Response Body) This will return anything, including a Web page. So, unless you write your own DO Search Form to lc Selected Record Key LOCAL lo XMLHTTP AS [ MSXML2.

In the example in Listing 7.17, the plus signs in the URL are called encoding. as the username with a blank password as shown in Figure 7.6 because that's what ships with SQL Server and MSDE. For example, we could copy a record to our workstation application, make some changes in our local cursor, and then generate a SQL statement to make the same changes to the remote data store that we already made in our Fox Pro cursor. (That's why the CREATE TABLE TEST (Contact ID Integer, Full Name Char(20), Phone Char(15)) SET MULTILOCKS ON SELECT TEST Cursor Set Prop([Buffering], 5) INSERT INTO TEST VALUES (1, [Les Pinter], [324-4321]) X = XMLUpdate Gram() STRTOFILE(x, "Update Gram.xml") MODIFY FILE means that the "before" version of the record is empty. Similarly, if you have both a "before" and an "after," it's an update, and if there's a "before" and no "after," it's a delete. And it does so in a homogeneous way, so that only one syntax has to be learned regardless of the data store. The new base class replaces what we used to do with remote views, and to a degree what we did with SQL Pass-Through. XML, "Authors") ENDWITH Before you try this out on your own computer, you'll need to select Start, Programs, SQL Server, Configure SQL XML Support in IIS and specify the name of a directory to be used to hold the results of this type of query. sql=SELECT ; * FROM authors FOR XML AUTO&root=root") XMLTOCURSOR (.

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