Understanding seducing dating men

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A way to validate is to say that you appreciate something she say or does, as that sets you up as “the evaluator” (also see: soft power).Negative validation is instead about a slightly negative reaction, possibly following positive validation, which should prompt the girl to prove herself to you afterwards as to regain your approval.Also read: Since these are a lot Kezia recommends to start with 3, and to put validation and tasks among them.

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Kezia Noble tells a captivating story of a night out when she met a guy who manged to do everything right.

Kezia Noble goes into the push-pull technique and tells another amazing story of a man picking up a gold digger hunting celebs for which I invite you to get the book.

Kezia Noble says many men are afraid of being seen as sleazy or creepy and then talks about flirting.

Loyalty is also often among the top three, but what takes precedence is strength. She then goes into evolutionary psychology to explain why (to deeply understand why and social psychology I invite you to read The Moral Animal).

Kezia says that as a younger woman, up until around 19 YO, she preferred bad boys.

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