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Most are narrow and gently winding, with little traffic and much welcome shade. By late evening I arrive at the little mom-n-pop country store in Cornland. During the years to follow, the Wright Brothers performed above awestruck crowds both in America and Europe. Tuesday–April 16, 2002 Trail Day–6 Trail Mile–160 I didn’t realize there was a dog kennel down the road where I pitched last night.

Anyway, that doesn’t take from the fact that they’re all very friendly.Fried chicken at the little mom-n-pop just down the road, and the day really comes around.Now, if I can just get my hips, feet and legs from constantly complaining.I’ve up my daily dosage of coated aspirin to over 4,000 mg, but it’s helped very little in quieting the griping. My ears are already ringing plenty, not a good sign.Perhaps, if I’m a little easier on them tomorrow, they’ll quiet down for awhile.

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