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The atomic weight of Bolognium is known to be either "delicious" or "snacktacular".

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Used by Principal Skinner in "My Big Fat Geek Wedding." Mr. Used by Professor John Frink as part of his pseudo-scientific jargon, merely as a more complicated verb form of "begin".

It is also possible that he means to gain so much weight that it causes Homer's ass to expand horizontally.

Kent Brockman's conflation of the words avoidance and evasion in "Bart the Fink." When corrected through his earpiece, Brockman responds to them on-air: "I don't say evasion, I say avoision." This is a reference to a William Shatner outtake where he argues with his director over "sabotage": "You say sabotage. The term avoision originated in the literature of the anti-taxation movement in the U. in the 1970s; it was coined to get around laws against advocating or providing advice relating to tax evasion.

Burns in "Last Exit to Springfield" for a song parodying Dr.

Seuss's "The Grinch": "Look at them all, through the darkness I'm bringing They're not sad at all. They sing without juicers They sing without blenders They sing without flungers, capdabblers and mendlers!

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