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Spustelkite jungiklį (piktograma) ir leiskite naršyklei įjungti Flash.Jei Jūsų netenkina Flash Player darbo kokybė Jūsų kompiuteryje, pabandykite persijungti į html5 pokalbių versiją, spustelėję ant jungiklio.Your Name Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone Number Your Email Date Name Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Name: It was a pleasure to finally meet you after our many emails and phone conversations regarding the Production Editor-Proofreader position.I truly enjoyed hearing about the Management Group and learning more about the needs of the Sales Intelligence Department.Actualmente estás usando la versión Flash del chat: Está completamente funcional y optimizada.This is why the employer can require a second and even a third, medical opinion when an employee requests an accommodation.​According to a BLR Human Resources training series, one in six Americans has some form of disability and many of them are hidden.

The employer retains his or her right to choose the most qualified candidate.

Nel caso tu non sia soddisfatto dal funzionamento di Flash Player sul tuo computer, ti preghiamo di passare alla versione HTML-5 del sito premendo il tasto "rocker".

También puedes habilitar-deshabilitar Flash presionando el icono de “rompecabezas” en la esquina superior izquierda de tu navegador.

Prisiminkite, kad html5 pokalbių versija yra ganėtinai ribota (neoptimali video kokybė tikėtinas transliacijos vėlavimas).

Ti preghiamo di premere il tasto "rocker" in modo da permettere l'utilizzo di Flash all'interno del tuo browser.

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