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We know you have a million things to worry about when your loved one is off at college, but their living environment shouldn't be one of them!

Please keep in mind, locations are relative to Bloomington. Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome.A bigger deal would be to eat at Timponi's first or Ko-Fusion.But go to and look for something you will both enjoy.If you cancel within 30 days of the date service is installed or activated, and return any equipment you have received from us, the early termination fee will not be charged.If you do not cancel the agreement, you will automatically be billed and the terms of the minimum term agreement will apply. Place your gateway or wireless router in a centralized spot in your home. Avoid cabinets, closets, and places that may accidentally get covered up (by a pillow, backpack, jacket, etc.)Wireless speeds are typically slower than wired connections due to wireless hardware limitations, the distance a signal has to travel and potential slowdowns along the way, including walls, windows, large pieces of furniture, etc.

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