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When, for example, we speak with Alexa, we contribute that data to a system we can't see and have no input into--one largely free from regulation or oversight.The big nine corporations--Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Microsoft, IBM and Apple--are the new gods of AI and are short-changing our futures to reap immediate financial gain.SHOWS HOW CAROLYN & WALLY ARE CAREFUL OF THEIR APPEARANCE, POLITE, CONSIDERATE IN ARRANGING DATES, ETC. It was time for women to yield their wartime jobs to men, for cities to stagnate and suburbs to blossom, for wartime friends of Russia to turn their backs on communism, and for kids to be kids again.As elsewhere in the world, American youth bore the brunt of the nation's wartime social problems.

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With Marilyn Fisher (Caroline Ames); Marilyn Fisher's mother (Mrs.

However impractical you may find the idea of a common Apple-Amazon operating system named Applezon, considering potential scenarios is a fantastically healthy exercise, because anyone who tells you they know how AI is going to turn out is lying."—Venture Beat"We need to get Amy Webb to campus.

This is one of those cases where organizing discussions of the book would be great - but not enough. We need more books like The Big Nine that are critical of higher education for reasons beyond politics (liberal bias) or costs...

The Big Nine should be discussed in classrooms and boardrooms around the world."—Alec Ross, author of The Industries of the Future"The Big Nine makes bold predictions regarding the future of AI.

But unlike many other prognosticators, Webb sets sensationalism aside in favor of careful arguments, deep historical context, and a frightening degree of plausibility."—Jonathan Zittrain, George Bemis Professor of International Law and professor of Computer Science, Harvard University"The Big Nine is thoughtful and provocative, taking the long view and most of all raising the right issues around AI and providing a road map for an optimistic future with AI."—Peter Schwartz, senior vice president,, and author of The Art of the Long View"Webb's potential scenarios for specific futures are superb, providing detailed visions for society to avoid as well as achieve."—John C.

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