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If any of these guests do not appear, this story will be updated to reflect the changes.

(UPDATE: A surprise appearance was made by John Billingsley, who played Phlox in . And we also figured out who the interim security chief is.)Robert Picardo is starring as Alara’s dad, Ildis Kitan, tonight.

On March 13, Seth Mac Farlane broke the news that Picardo was on set, which started speculation that an episode would. Jessica Szohr is listed on IMDB as playing the role of Talla tonight, but I don’t recall seeing her in this episode.

I think her inclusion on IMDB was an error and she’ll be appearing in a future episode.

Humberto Montalvo is listed as playing Moclan by the Orville wikia.

Church leaders told us that birth control was ineffective, that it was like jumping out of an airplane with a parachute that only worked some of the time.This is her first season on and she’s already listed as being in 12 episodes.Trek Movie reported that she might be a Xelayan, the same species as Alara.In September Jess premieres in the second season of @The Orville.Há 2 semanas, Jess esteve presente no Fox Upfront Presentation em New York.

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