Sharepoint eventhandler itemupdating

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For example, when a new item is added to a list, we may need to perform some action like say, notifying the person who created the list item, or modifying the dependent entries in some other location etc.Handling of such events is facilitated by event receivers.Item Checked In – This occurs after an item is checked in.Item Checked Out – This occurs after an item is checked out.Item Unchecking Out – This occurs while an item is being unchecked.Item Updated – This occurs after an item is updated.Item File Moving – This occurs while a file is being moved.

Methods under the class SPFeature Receiver handle events related to feature. Feature Activated – This occurs after a feature is activated.

Item Deleted – This occurs after an item is deleted from its list.

Item Deleting – This occurs while an item is being deleted from its list.

They are used to perform some custom action after an event occurs.

These events are asynchronous because they need not happen immediately after the event is performed. SPWeb Event Receiver : This provides event handling whenever a site or a site collection is deleted or moved Each of the classes has some virtual methods which are to be over-ridden to perform our custom action. Methods under the class SPWeb Event Receiver handle site level events. Site Deleted – This occurs after a site collection is deleted.

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