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Some even work at an office by day and come here on weekends or at night without any family knowing.

They are intelligent young women at the mercy of their financial circumstances, so who is society to judge their choices without knowing anything about their lives,?

The behavior can come from other employees, vendors or even bosses.Tom always make sure I got what I want at the best price posible, Definitely going back to Tracy Chevrolet. This is my second vehicle purchased from Vroom in the last 12 months, and I can't imagine ever buying a used car from a brick-and-mortar dealership again. I spent so much time on this review simply because I believe that when people deserve credit, and they treat you so nicely, you should reciprocate and sing their praises. We got only 12 minutes to look around the car before they close but Mr.Vroom offers a terrific selection of late model used vehicles. Shane just took his time and answered all the questions patiently.The pictures really make it easy to know what the car looks like. He even stayed back by showing the cars that we were interested because he knows we drove all the way from Moraga to Fremont.I purchased a 2015 BMW 5-series, and the Vroom price compared to a similar make/model/mileage vehicle from Car Max was ,000 cheaper. He just throws all these knowledge you need to know about the cars which was amazingly helpful for us since we didn???

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