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Changing passwords in web based email systems is the easiest, because the e-mail password is only stored in one place – the server.

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Meanwhile, do not close the reset page, or you will void the recovery code we sent and you will need to repeat the recovery process.

Enter your recovery code and click on “Reset password”.

Because of the encryption we use to protect your data, resetting your Login password in Proton Mail is different from other, less secure email services.

Your password is used to decrypt your emails, and we do not have access to it.

If you forget your Login or Mailbox passwords and reset either of them, your existing emails will become unreadable and your account will revert to one-password mode.

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But some legacy users and those who have opted in to two-password mode use a first password to log in to their Proton Mail account and a second password to decrypt their Mailbox.This article is for those who have forgotten their password and wish to reset it.If you know your password and simply want to update it, please follow the instructions here.If you don’t have a Google account or if don’t want to log in to You Tube just for watching a video clip that has been flagged as potentially NSFW by other viewers on You Tube, here a trick – switch to the full screen mode.All you You Tube video URL look something like this: If you replace “watch” in the You Tube URL with “watch_popup,” the adult only video will immediately play inside your browser screen without any restrictions.

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