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Sometimes life can get overwhelming and we just don’t know how to deal. Remember the good, old, days when your mom would make your doctor appointments and made your lunch for school? Once you hit adulthood, everything becomes a big lump of tasks and responsibilities that you can’t seem to keep track of anymore.

Paying bills, going to work, buying groceries, and making appointments seems like a lot for one person to handle. No matter how hard you try to stay on top of everything, there always seems to be something you are forgetting but can’t quite place.

In true millennial fashion, the young adults of this generation have taken matters into our own hands and have created GIFS to express what being an adult feels like in this day and age. We seem to carry a lot of worry around whether it comes in the form of a tension headache or a stomach ache, it is always there to remind you that childhood is long gone.

We have to decide whether we want gas or food some days, but it’s all part of being an adult right? Being expected to organize your life without a mistake can be stressful. It can be awkward,uncomfortable, and downright scary! It all becomes a matter of trying and hoping that will be enough to survive this crazy phase of our lives that we never signed up for in the first place.

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