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In photos over the last few months, Sammi always seem to have puppy eyes for Andy.

I do think that she wants to be back together with Andy and may have even initiated.

”After finishing their meal, Sammi stepped outside first.

When reporters asked whether the pair were dating again, Sammi remained silent while smiling in response. Andy said sternly, “Don’t say that.” After driving Sammi home, Andy went back to his own home.

When the pair broke up in 2004, many fans hoped that they would reunite again.

Sammi acknowledged that she did not date anyone in the last few years.

Allegedly, Sammi and Andy’s love sparks have re-ignited and the pair are back together.

At a friend’s desert ice parlor grand opening, Andy Hui was asked by reporters whether he and Sammi are dating once again. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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She had also previously won the Most Popular Hong Kong Female Artist Award in annual Top Ten Jade Solid Gold Awards Presentation for three times, and in a year winning also the Gold Song Gold Award, the highest-ranked award which is the last to be presented at the ceremony.

Sammi Cheng (also known as Cheng Sau-Man), born 19 August 1972, is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress who has been successful in the Hong Kong music and film industry.

Sammi has been called a diva and has been one of the most prominent female singers in Hong Kong since the 1990s.

Jayne: Although Sammi and Andy did not openly acknowledge that they were dating, their behavior seems self-evident.

Andy had a bad public break-up with his last girlfriend, Michelle, and was accused of being a player. In that statement, she conveyed that although she thought about reuniting with Andy, they were had spent many years apart and have evolved as different people with different experiences.

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