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Roy doesn't want to date until he reluctantly agrees to what ends up being the best blind date of his life.

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Our new Indie Games subforum is now open for business in G&T. Our rules have been updated and given their own forum. They are nice, and there may be new ones that you didn't know about! Its awesome Dominos: I love dominos, perhaps my favorite addon, you can do pretty much anything you can think of with your bars and its easy to use.

Go and check it out, you might land a code for a free game. Here is my set up You might not like they way I have my bars set but this is just an example.

in the book: ' THE ABDUCTED ALCHEMIST ' Edward Elric finds himself on a late train, and finds Roy Mmustang on the train with Lt. Roy Mistang was talking to 2-3 women, Ed sees that he looks like he's enjoying himself.

He isn't very serious about his job, and is a notorious womanizer, but he wants to become Fuhrer and has excellent tactical skills.

No real set up need, just find the button facade menu in your addons panel and choose which on you want Class Timer: I love classtimer, not only does it show any buff or debuff you want on your target, it also does the same for you, your pet, and your focus!

Elkanos Buff Bars: My preferred replacement for the blizzard buff icon. Just drag it yo where ever you desire, you can add or remove buffs that you want to track through the options menu Grid: Grid is awesome, I use it as a party/raid frames replacement but its also invaluable for telling who has aggro, who's dying, Who's dead, incoming heals, who has what debuff and a bunch of other junk.

Recount: Dps meter to show how bad you are, why are you so bad, do 2k more dps.The Officers: Lord Dave - Mirren - Mage - Queen of the Guild Eclipsed Planet - Montina - Paladin - Consort Ranlin - Alendra - Druid - Weh Wemh Radius - Kyira - Rogue - Hates you Metacortex - Nobarg - Warrior - Grabby Javen - Javen - Rogue Lock Robster! Shamblers of Yore: Meissnerd - Stop healing him makershot - Rubenesque - Shaman Drool - Remmos - Baby with a beard Whiskey Biznass - Gwency - Rogue Omegasquash - Omegasquash - Paladin Fallout - TOMCRUISE - DK Frylockholmes - Valikriss - Warrior Aburnflags - Vilmon - Paladin Preachermeat - Krythlynn - Paladin Joah - Chatturgha - Shaman Linksville - Franksville - Druid Kusuguttai - Kusu - Warlock futility - Shekhina - Hunter Skank Playa - Vaklempt - Warlock Fandyien - Fandyien - Priest World as Myth - Yosephine - Rogue Captain Cthulu - Naporeon - Paladin Neville - Nevga - DK Sith Drummer - Arkjin - Hunter Hoodie - Avataar - Hunter Aslan - Pysek - Mage Owenashi - Kaziel - Warrior Backwards - Sdraw - Mage Centipede - Ravkaras - warlock Roahgnar - Anjin-San - Warrior Jes is a - jessaissa - Mage Curse Gaming: World of Warcraft mod depository. Elitist Jerks Forums: Wondering whether haste or crit is better for you? - Eits - Druid Rhylith - Rhylith - Shaman Ruer - Mintaka - Warrior Dely Apple - Pipette - Hunter - 106.3, Radio KDLY Bogey - ******** - Paladin Master of Feegs: Nikolai - Higgins - Butt The Plebeians: Dys - Dystopian - Shaman captaink - Knut - Shaman Balefuego - Baledar - Shaman Opalcat - Pittpolecat - Warlock SA - Revash - Warlock Bucketman - Skragg - Warrior Belruel - Belruen - Priest Laurrie - Aladorn - Death Knight Gatsby - Jerne - Hunter Naphtali - Naphtali - Priest Mitten - Cless - Priest GRMike - Borrock - Paladin Sarukun - Kerokoa - Druid Bytoady - Toadles - Warrior The Geebs that is a Mod - Vonne - Priest Slow - Nsfw - Rogue Langly - Cuthburt - Paladin Animal Companion - Xenomortis - Rogue Cilla Black - Urdahlia - Priest Zucchini - Zucchini - Druid Blankspace - Blankasaurus - Hunter Manifest - Manif - Paladin Callius - Callius - Paladin Wubblewoo - Wubblewoo - Paladin Ranx - Vamrithis - Priest Shabooty - Ooty - Druid Aphostile - Ephostile - Druid Tsplitter - Rasmius - Warrior Swill - Swills - Paladin Deaconblues - Normanus - Priest Shadowthomas - Xangia - Paladin Scosglen - Barnago - Warlock End - Zaraleiriria - Warlock Uriel - Rotshank - Rogue Yukira - Leliana - Paladin The Babbies: That Dave Fella - Dafella - Shaman Vargas Prime - Vhargas - Paladin Fearghaill - Euryale - Warlock Andrew Ryan - Dryan - Death Knight The Stig - Ursine - Druid Stale - Stizz - Warrior Asmodei - Fahren - Warlock Baywatch - Crossbuster - Rogue Professor Snugglesworth - Jordinand - Druid Quoth - Lydda - Hunter Sabre Mau - Charvanek - Paladin SLy M - Davl - Druid Munkus Beaver - Munkus - Druid I Win Swordfights! - Snrub - Druid Sara Lynn - Odella - Rogue joshua1numbers - Trollishness - Druid Isoldae - Isomon - Warlock Modedieu: 70's Shaman Along with all the friends and families of Shamblers. EJ has had their results on that published in scientific journals. If you're developing an indie game and want to post about it, follow these directions. Action Bar 1 Size: 12 Column: 6 Spacing: 13 Padding: 3 Scale: 122 Action Bar 2 Same as above Action Bar 3 Size: 6 Columns: 6 Spacing: 30 Padding: 1 Scale: 77 Action Bar 4 Same as 3 Bar: 5 Size: 12 Columns: 12 Spacing:4 Padding: 2 Scale:86 Bars 6-10 are unused for but you can do with them what you will These are numbers are scaled to my monitor so they might be a little different then what you desire but you can fiddle with them till they are right. Instructions for joining: 1) Create a character on Cho'gall 2) /who Shambler Milk 3) Ask someone for a guild invite 4) Friends and family are welcome Get an Authenticator you damn weiners Raid Schedule: Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday (and Thursday) All weekday raids remain at 8PM server/9PM EST/6PM PDT (6PM server weekends) Suggested Reading: How to not be that guy in groups. Start slow, Changing your entire UI in a day can take some getting used to so if you just want to ease yourself in then by all means be a babbie. Here I'll tell you how I set up my various Addons just as kind of a reference, If you don't like the way I Set my stuff you can change it to your liking or send a complaint to mirren. Docsdebugrunes: awesome for Dks compact addon that tell you all you need to know bout DK stuff like rune cooldowns duration of the infusion buff on your ghoul, size of the next blood shield if you choose to deathstrike after a hit.

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