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Alex attended the gala and watched Oliver's speech.

Later on a date with Thea, he witnessed Thea beating up another man at the bar.

Thea tried to get him a job at Palmer Technologies as the head of PR instead but was unable to. While on a weekend getaway with Thea, Alex brought her to the Ark without her knowledge.

After going over their campaign itinerary with Oliver, Alex asked Thea out on a date, which she rejected, citing her already complicated life.

The next day, Alex handed some campaign forms to Thea and she asked him out for a drink, which he accepted.

Also because of his affiliation with Ruvé, Alex earned a spot in the "Ark". Alex's death devastated Thea and apparently saddened Malcolm Merlyn, who claimed to have approved of him as an appropriate boyfriend for his daughter.

He was given pills - which Ruvé told him were vitamins - that made him susceptible to suggestion and thus willingly agreed with H. Alex's body was presumably destroyed when Tevat Noah collapsed.

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