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:dvd: We can't say romance is allowed in private chats, but we can't stop it, unless someone in that chat flags the other for inappropriate discussion and yes you can flag someone in a private chat as well as a Public Chat.

If we continue to have problems with OC's or Role Playing, then we may revert back to NO OC favorites at all.

Please understand that this is an exchange for romance, which will no longer be allowed in Public Chats.•━━━━━•➒¾ :zap: ➒¾•━━━━━•The decision to not allow Romance is not just because of the very recent problems, this has been discussed for months because the romance has been heading in the wrong direction by the vast majority of Public Chats.

No not everyone has done this, but unfortunately romance has taken over RP chats and not the "magic" of Harry Potter, which should be the focus.•━━━━━•➒¾ :zap: ➒¾•━━━━━•Please Read This Entire Blog NO Romance∴ ════ ∴ ❈ ∴ ════ ∴There has been an alarming amount of new "Romance" RP chats lately and for the most part they are causing many problems.

With expediency, we relearn that our fathers are both dead, that our Italian families’ ancestral villages are miles from each other, that we both love . I discover that, as a child, he saved stacks of newspapers in his garage like an aging shut-in; he comes to know that I once nursed a paranoid fear that restaurant employees were adding bodily fluids to my food. I can’t lie to him about even tiny things, as we all do on first dates.

It’s not as hard, and much more fun than I thought, to relinquish our shared past.

The stakes were relatively low—we had a safe word, “Buster,” if someone wanted to bail—but I still felt strange. I started to grieve for the relationship we’d built, the most mindful, fulfilling one I’d ever had. I would let this man hold my hand on any first date in any dimension. We make out heavily on the street, which we’ve never done, and I can feel both our hearts hammering in our chests. Related: Subscribe to FLARE Need to Know for smart, sassy, no-filter takes on everything you're interested in—including style, culture & current events, plus special offers—sent straight to your inbox each day.

Realizing we’ve both revealed something truly new, we have a laughing fit that draws the ire of a nearby couple. I also know I can’t really f-ck this up, no matter what I say. Most important, I’m fully present—I have to be, in order to remember what not to say—and I’m not worried about what I look like because I know he already thinks I’m sexy (the dress is helping).

My boyfriend is a goddamn treasure: handsome, sexy, funny, smart, kind. He is Italian, yet covered in beautiful freckles; his hair is auburn with a touch of grey at the temples; he’s athletic but not a bro; he thinks I am beautiful and worships my body, but he likes my brain more. We like rules, because we like bondage play (hi, Mom! In this way, the date would have a playful punishment rush to it. I cursed and cried, and then drank a glass of wine and put on a low-cut red dress I never would have worn on a first date with anyone, let alone my already boyfriend. When we leave the bar, we kiss for the second first time and I’m surprised at how intensely it registers, like any first kiss would.

All that considered, we are changing a few guidelines, and editing a few to include more specific details.

The biggest change we are making is to allow an OC's orientation to be listed, but only in OC favorites.

Personally, I have disabled too many to count, have given warnings, strikes and banned several users because the discussion turned to a sexual nature or sex.

This is NOT ALLOWED anywhere in this community, or any other Amino community.

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