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Michael returns home to Haddonfield and his sister, Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton).When he meets her, he tries at first to befriend her, but for some reason thinks that having murdered her best-friends is a way to get back their sibling love!? Zombie seems to understand nothing of the female species, or the High School generation.Zombie has asked the audience to take this film as seperate from John Carpenter's Halloween; but this is impossible in the second half because most of it is a sped up version of Carpenter's; even stealing scenes and dialogue.

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(Sheri Zombie is Zombies wife, and her obvious reason for casting in the film, because it certainly isnt her acting ability.) After the pointless troubled family history, Zombie abysmally fails to copy Carpenters original.

Not one single character in this film made me care if they lived or died, because they were simply shown and then murdered.

Even the numerous cameos are spoilt in the same way; for example, its a shame to see Dee Wallace Stone, a remarkable horror actress, lowering herself to appear in such trash.

We lose all interest in the chase between Michael and Laurie, and whether she lives or dies.

Taylor-Compton doesnt have half the talent of Jamie-Lee Curtis, and this is the major factor which caused the original to do so well, with Curtis outstanding acting.

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