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With all due respect to Barry Bonds, whose Atlas routine has carried the Giants in more than a few games, where would this team be without Aurilia's rat-a-tat hitting during the first three weeks of the 2001 season?Week four begins tonight, when the Cincinnati Reds visit Pacific Bell Park, and Aurilia remains one of the National League's top hitters.They started to create a vine from September 2014, which they first vine dedicated to Lycia and Selfie C.They are the regularly made vine, which entertains their fans.Now he's a lot more patient at the plate, looking for the pitches he can hit." The shortstop has a good memory. John's education allows him to read the media guide, which notes that Kent, while belting 29 homers with 121 RBIs in 1997, hit just .250 while striking out 133 times in 580 at-bats.Last year, Kent's average was 84 points higher, with four more homers and four more RBIs, and he struck out 26 times fewer -- all in seven more at-bats than he had in '97.

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"It was probably a no-win situation for either party," Aurilia said, "and I'm glad it didn't happen." The amen you heard is from manager Dusty Baker's office.If the rumors were true, and Aurilia were somewhere else right now, the Giants' lineup probably would be weaker than it has been the first three weeks, and the team likely would not be 11-7.Then again, in another situation, Aurilia might not be one of the league's early hitting leaders, learning all the intricacies of batting second.Marvin Benard, hitting ahead of Aurilia, has had a terrible time getting on base, so Aurilia becomes the surrogate leadoff hitter.And with Bonds batting behind him, Aurilia is seeing more good pitches to hit.

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