Resource designer cs not updating dating resource

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Michael Taylor - 8/25/07 As far as preventing the comments I don't think you can.

I'm having trouble getting refresh certain axml files.

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I'm seeing similar behavior when I put a Web View in a nested Linear Layout.

My recommendation is to avoid opening the designer file at all.

In the few cases where you might open it be sure to always save changes even if you haven't made any.

Cast()) // Create the needed file fore each picture.

I've just refactored my app - removing obsolete references and packages. I now find that not being updated, and therefore the Droid project isn't building. Version information: === Xamarin Studio Community === Version 6.3 (build 863) Installation UUID: 462e6ba8-9cb7-4b87-acc8-9dfb0ab2c6f7 Runtime: Mono 4.8.1 (mono-4.8.0-branch/22a39d7) (64-bit) GTK 2.24.23 (Raleigh theme) === Nu Get === Version: === Xamarin.

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