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I will show you how to use Eigenfaces (also called "Principal Component Analysis" or PCA), a simple and popular method of 2D Face Recognition from a photo, as opposed to other common methods such as Neural Networks or Fisher Faces.To learn the theory of how Eigenface works, you should read Face Recognition With Eigenface from Servo Magazine (April 2007), and perhaps the mathematical algorithm.However, Face Recognition is much less reliable than Face Detection, generally 30-70% accurate.Face Recognition has been a strong field of research since the 1990s, but is still far from reliable, and more techniques are being invented each year such as the ones listed at the bottom of this page (Alternatives to Eigenfaces such as 3D face recognition or recognition from video)."Face Recognition" is a very active area in the Computer Vision and Biometrics fields, as it has been studied vigorously for 25 years and is finally producing applications in security, robotics, human-computer-interfaces, digital cameras, games and entertainment."Face Recognition" generally involves two stages: Since 2002, Face Detection can be performed fairly reliably such as with Open CV's Face Detector, working in roughly 90-95% of clear photos of a person looking forward at the camera.However, if you tried to simply perform face recognition directly on a normal photo image, you will probably get less than 10% accuracy!

But in June 2012, Open CV v2.4.1 came with "Face Recognizer" functionality.My new code also does better image preprocessing & rotation than the code on this page, but the book code doesn't have an offline recognition mode.You should read the official Face Recognizer tutorials or use my new code instead of this page, and read Chapter 8 of the Mastering Open CV book if you want to understand how it works.There are also some more eye, head, mouth and nose detectors in the downloads section of Modesto's page.So you could do this in your program for face detection: Now that you have detected a face, you can use that face image for Face Recognition.

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