Quotes about your best friend dating the guy you like amber marshall dating graham wardle

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Maybe you’re lucky and you can confide in a friend but some of us choose to keep our crush to ourselves for various reasons.

Sometimes it can be a very lonely feeling too – you can’t quite believe that anyone understands what you’re going through.

In this instance, it’s likely that you don’t even know why you like this particular person.

You just do and it seems there’s very little you can do about it. That is one of my favourite sayings because it’s one of the few sayings that are completely and utterly true.

Crush Quote #10So, my personal opinion when it comes to crushes is that you need to grab the bull by the horns and tell them how you feel. Not all of us are brave enough to tell someone how we really feel so in that case it’s important that you keep on hoping and don’t get yourself down just because you don’t seem to be making any headway.I’ve no doubt that everyone with a crush daydreams about that certain someone, probably more than they’d like too.So long as we enjoy the daydream I don’t see the problem though. Sure it may hurt for a little while but at least now you know it’s time to move on.Crush Quote #12Sometimes what we want out of a relationship with our crush isn’t complicated. The biggest and best relationships are built upon these simple things after all.Crush Quote #13This would be an amazing superpower.

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