Pictures used without permission on dating sites

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The advertisement would suggest that Bonita had erotic pictures inside when actually the young lady’s name and picture were stolen off her employer’s web site and are being used without her permission.In a related scam, pictures and names are being harvested with web scraping bots and then being used to create profiles on myspace or other social networks.Here’s how to do a reverse image search by uploading any photo. If the image is already on the internet, you don’t have to download it and then upload it again just to do a reverse image search. If you’re using Chrome, all you have to do is right-click on an image and click “Search Google for Image“.

Or do you know want to know if an image is real and not a catfish?

Unless the information needs to be search engine accessible, hiding the content from bots in rich media such as Flash is another option.

Placing an obvious watermark on the picture (such as the name of the school or employer) destroys the illusion and makes the picture less likely to be used.

I have seen pictures and personal information being used without permission in three different ways.

How it is happening: The most common time this occurs is through web-scraping bots.

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