Past dating broadway ticket

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Should this happen, someone on our staff will contact you to discuss your options. Sometimes this may include a complimentary ticket for your group.For up-to-date comp ticket policies and information, please call us at (855) 203-9980. What if my group has more than one date when they can see the show?We will not be recording the show "soundtrack" for its own release.

A: As a courtesy, we will honor unused tickets to a future performance, subject to availability as follows: Call the box office (212-477-3932) after 1 pm the day of the show you want to attend.

Q.3 Why doesn't my show offer a complimentary ticket? We believe there's a perfect show available for any group! Does placing a request mean I am guaranteed tickets?

Q.4 What if my group has more than one date when they can see the show? Q.12 Can you help my group secure a restaurant reservation? Placing a request with us does not guarantee that your ticket order will be filled.

A: Premium Ticket holders receive admission into the exclusive Rhythm & Sounds Zone.

These seats are close enough to the stage for greater potential to interact with the cast.

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