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By the 15th century, half of Luzon Northern Philippines and the islands of Mindanao in the south had become subject to the various Muslim sultanates of Borneo and much of the population in the almost of South were converted to Islam.Inangkin ng mga tribo na kay Muhammad lamang sila magapapasakop at sa kamatayan ni Muhammad ay tumigil na ang kanilang katapatan kay Abu Bakr.

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One reason could be the economic and political disasters preeuropean Muslim pirates from the Mindanao region brought during raids.

Dahil nagbanta si Fatima na aalisin ang takip ng kanyang buhok, si Abu Bakr ay umatras. Other related issue with the Moro secession is the territorial dispute of eastern Sabah in Malaysia which claimed by the Sultanate of Sulu as their territory.

In , Maimbung was officially designated as the royal capital of the Sultanate of Sulu by the remaining members of the Sulu royal family.

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The term Bangsamoro is a combination of an Old Malay word meaning nation or state with the Spanish word Moro which means Muslim.

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