Overcoming obsessions with dating

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”Wakin and Tennov wanted to know: Why do some people get over breakups relatively easily, while others dwell on their exes for months (or even In a regular relationship, passionate love calms down and turns into companionate love anywhere between four to six months after the relationship takes off.In limerent relationships, though, the need for the other person only becomes stronger with time, even when a breakup happens.

Things that once brought a smile to your face can suddenly become irritating.

This could explain why you just can't stop thinking about "the one that got away," or why your best friend continues to Facebook stalk the guy she swears she loves, despite the fact that he never responds to her outreach.

I believe I've personally fallen victim to limerence.

But because it's so difficult to quantify, Wakin isn't sure if it will ever be classified as a disorder.

Social psychologist Elaine Hatfield believes passionate love and limerence are "much the same." That is, they both create a sweeping "high" effect.

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