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It was only two years into Lance’s prison term at Klong Prem prison had begun and the loving father had hoped that the sentence would be reduced.He attended court in Bangkok in September 2016 when the verdict was handed down with his son shackled to his co accused Australian, Jake Mastroianni.

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He said his son had witnessed two stabbings and an attempted rape up to that point while imprisoned there.At the time, he expressed his deep concern for his son at the prison because of the poor food provided to prisoners and the prevalence of Aids. Thai prisons, for male prisoners and hardened criminals at maximum security institutions at least, are notorious for providing poor quality rice and fish heads to those who cannot afford to buy their own food.In 2016, Lance’s dad broke down to the press when his son’s 50 year prison sentence was upheld.The crime was a most serious and reprehensible one that would be condemned by nearly all foreigners in Thailand, however, the attitude of the young man and his family to the ordeal has, so far, been inspiring.The UK man was jailed for 50 years in Thailand in June 2015, after being caught in August 2014 attempting to sell 200 ecstasy pills to an undercover informant for the Thai police at a car park outside a supermarket in Pattaya.

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