Outlook 2016 tracking not updating

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The only receipts that will still land in your Inbox folder are the ones that contain additional feedback text or questions written in the response by the meeting invitee.At all times, you can still see the responses from everybody by opening the Meeting from you Calendar and pressing the Tracking button.From your Outlook to do list and Outlook task list, you can also view your tasks in several different views.The organizer of a meeting thought an invitee had not accepted the meeting because the Response column under Tracking showed None.How can I updating the meeting without having new requests sent out?If you just make some updates to the agenda, you will send those updates out.Many people manage their To Do lists on paper or in a spreadsheet but there is a much more effective way.

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While you can disable the email notifications that people send you when they accept, decline or tentatively accept your meeting request, this will also take away the possibility to track any responses since you didn’t get any.

Visit Stack Exchange I have a recurring meeting set up in Outlook that everyone has already accepted to.

I want to update one occurrence of the meeting with an agenda - something that would not change acceptance status.

The invitee said she accepted the meeting and choose not to send a response.

It doesn't seem right to me that a person who had not accepted and a person who has accepted but chose not to send a response are both listed as None.

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