Orthodox dating how far

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(Saw You At Sinai matchmakers are not employees of the company with regular salaries, but are paid directly by clients only when they arrange a marriage; ,000 is a standard fee.) As the gig economy creates increasing expectation for intensely customizable and immediately accessible services — from ride sharing to grocery delivery — questions about the usefulness of a standardized matchmaking system that involve less input on the part of the user continue to emerge.In contrast, Avitan charges his clients for consultation not based on success but by the hour.“I just thought that I would meet somebody naturally — that’s how most of my past relationships had been.” But a matchmaker, of sorts, beckoned.Rivka (not her real name), a veteran of the Modern Orthodox dating scene, thought the “human touch” — rather than the impersonal, algorithm-driven technology that brings people together on sites and apps like JDate and the Tinder-inspired JSwipe — had potential.“A single person looking for marriage is already limited by relying on others to help him or her out,” Ackerman told The Jewish Week via email.“If I want an ice cream from the store, do I hire a middleman to introduce me to the ice cream? I will go to the store and pick out my own brand of ice cream with my favorite flavor at the right price. If you want action, then you’re best off doing it yourself.” The group has not yet led to any matches, but has over 90 members.“Now you have different ways of meeting people and are not just stuck or forced into doing it one way,” she said.

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Leah Gottfried, creator of “Soon By You,” a witty web series about Orthodox dating, sees the range of options available to Orthodox daters as a net positive.His one-hour consultation offerings range from a “Social Media Revamp” to a 0 “Get Smart About Online Dating” session.For Sarah Kasdan, an OU-JLIC educator at Cornell, the program isn’t just a service to students (undergraduates are given gold membership for free, graduate students are charged half price and alumni are given a discount while Saw You At Sinai has monthly membership fees) but an opportunity for educators to deepen their relationships with students.Avitan, however, takes a swipe, so to speak, at the shadchan-based model of Saw You At Sinai, where matchmakers peruse profiles and suggest potential matches.On an app like JSwipe, “you’re cutting out the middleman,” he said.

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