Nurses dating surgeons

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I set some coworkers up with his classmates and it’s working just as well. So long as your relationship is solid and based on good communication and respect and can separate work from home life in a healthy way, it should be fine.I'm not in that position but have worked with several like that, some who don't work together (an RN who became an FNP not long after her partner became an attending surgeon) and some who do (an OR nurse who used to give her surgeon husband shit during surgery in the most hilarious way, a CRNA who works with her anesthesiologist husband, my aunt whose son and daughter-in-law are nurses and whose husband became a nurse as a second career and works in her practice).I guess I fail to see how it's any different than being married to a person of any profession. But it sounds like he's just thinking about it at this point, so maybe that's years away. We had a period of time when he was being let’s just say not so nice to nurses. It’s become a thing where receiving a message saying “I need to talk” doesn’t mean break up it means I need to talk about something none of my friends will understand. Usually the complaints seem to be out of stress but I hope he truly doesn't feel like that about nurses in general.

If you're an empathetic person and you guys have good communication, you can make it work.

The hard part is time and understanding commitments.

Depending on your significant other, in school they may study all day and be stressed the entire time while in school.

I've been on dates with other nurses/nursing students and literally all we talked about was nursing.

I understand it's common ground, but it can be so life-consuming that it's hard to find anything else interesting to bring up.

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