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Rachel is a very submissive girl, so when I chained her collar to the wall, she... She calls herself Captured Kerry, and she got what she wanted on the last day of her Chastity Deal!Full leather bondage, very restrictive, so she could struggle very hard, like she had been asking me during the entire weekend.Britney was so confident she could do 4 hours in the Carrara mask, I was very impressed with her attitude.She looked so amazing in her full chastity gear, with her super long legs and arms, and the mask just completed the locking metal outfit.A tight leather straitjacket, belts around her legs so she couldn’t get up, and a leather harness muzzle gag.This is what it takes to make Kerry a very happy girl! Kerry was doing so well during her double plug Deal!

She loved all the Challenges and asked for more bondage all the time.Rachel Adams was sitting on a bench in the beautiful Spanish garden near the end of her Chastity Deal holiday.She was wearing this beautiful pink and white dress and she seemed very happy enjoying the warm sun.There are only a few Chastity Babes who would fit in it. 8 days in chastity in exchange for a great time in the sun!Many models have done this Deal in the past, and I am always amazed how well it works out!

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