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Along the way, I will be recommending a steady flow of good science fiction and fantasy in order to keep things entertaining. The common adage that you hear about Aspergers is that we do not have emotions and we are therefore incapable of falling in love and pursuing romantic relationships. I have, for one, been in love many times, all failures to one degree or another, often with the other person not even willing to talk to me.

Assuming that this other person is equally rational we should be able to meet each other half-way.

What I understand is wanting something from someone else (in this case sex and affection) and making the logical assumption that the other person might want something from me (likely just for me to get out of their hair).

The logical conclusion from this is that we should use reason to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement (say if I am affectionately told to get packing).

So one is not kind to a friend because you like their friendship.

The friend as a person is irrelevant, just an object of categorical imperatives.

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