Musical updating romeo and juliet deryck whibley dating 2016

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Bredeweg is also one of the creators and executive producers of the critically-acclaimed new television series, “Good Trouble,” a spin-off of the award-winning Freeform series, “The Fosters.”I recently spoke with Bredeweg about “The Romeo & Juliet Project” and more in this exclusive new interview. As a writer, what I tend to do is pick up the old classics and read them from time to time. to San Francisco and was listening to a Best of compilation of Pat and Neil. watching a show at The Rockwell and pitched the idea of a mash up of Shakespeare and Pat and Neil’s music.I hadn’t read “Romeo & Juliet” since high school and about eight years ago I decided to read it and fell in love with it all over again. Because “Romeo & Juliet” was still in my head I realized that every song that came over the speakers related to the story, and if you put their songs in a certain order it perfectly tells the tale. They gave us the space and a few months later we tried it out and it was massively successful.That’s when we started talking about creating something that was timeless. I grew up on all forms of eighties pop, but there was something special about their partnership and her incredible voice.

as part of Bay Street Theater and Guild Hall’s “Under the Stars.”Produced by Jamie Cesa and Bel Chiasso Entertainment and directed by Scott Schwartz, Bay Street Theater’s Artistic Director, “The Romeo & Juliet Project” re-imagines the story of the star-crossed lovers using the power of Benatar and Giraldo’s music to remind us what happens when we forget the impact of love, equality, and acceptance.I’m an explorer and a people watcher who takes in the world around me. As a writer it’s our duty to create new worlds and to keep pushing the envelope.In the TV world, I created a show called “The Fosters” that ran for five years on Freeform and is now available on Netflix.It’s a cool millennial show that I’m very proud of.I’ve always been a musical theater nerd and now that I’ve found myself grateful and successful I wanted to get back to the theater and my true heartbeat: combining story and music.

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