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And indeed research confirms that "active, participating Mormons are unusual in their level of educational attainment."[31] This appears to hold true in places outside of the United States. he will have so much the advantage in the world to come."[34] These doctrines have a profound impact.

In fact, in areas such as Mexico, where the comparison standard is post-primary rather than college experience, Church members exceed the national rate by a factor of two.[32]Latter-day Saint holy writ declares that the "glory of God is intelligence"[33] and teaches that "if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience . While many today perceive educational attainment as something that diminishes faith, various studies confirm that the more education a Latter-day Saintobtains, the more likely she or he will be actively involved in the Church.

Family Values Studies have shown a sturdy correlation between religious inclination and family-centered values, which put the needs of the spouse, children, and others first.[22] Participation in such values, including family life, contributes to increased personal happiness.[23] Statistics show heavy participation in family life among Latter-day Saints. According to a 2008 survey, nearly nine out of ten Americans (87%) identified Mormons as having strong family values.[26]For Latter-day Saints the family is theologically paramount.

We believe that families can live together forever.

The Pew Center's survey indicated that this phenomenon is unique to Latter-day Saints.[35] The study noted that "Mormons who have graduated from college display the highest levels of religious commitment (84%) followed by those with some college education (75%)." Church members with a high school education or less exhibited substantially lower levels of religious commitment (50%) on this scale.[36]In addition to encouraging participation in normal educational channels, the Church provides a multifaceted program of religious education that begins in the home and is bolstered through programs that support the individual's and family's learning.

Along with weekly Sunday School for all ages, our young people attend something we call early-morning seminary.

For the most part, the statistics cited in this article are based on independent research about practicing Latter-day Saints. Roosevelt came across a newspaper clipping about the ancestry of England's Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his wife, Clementine.

The newspaper article noted the couple's common heritage with Mormons in Utah.

Education One prominent scholar recently called Joseph Smith's "insistence upon education"[30] the faith's greatest inheritance.Subsequently, they donate what they don't spend on meals to the poor as "fast offerings" or alms.This religiously influenced diet has a profound effect on the lifelong physical health of adherents.The Church also sponsors literacy initiatives around the globe, and has undertaken an ingenious program called the Perpetual Education Fund.Many youth in the Church who serve two-year missions come from countries and backgrounds of significant poverty.

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