Modded gamerscore not updating

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For diagram, go to jrunner, images, Coolrunner slims — wires.

it shows a coolrunng rev C but its the samethe cr3 lite is bassically a rev C with the built in crystal caps etc on the the board. Anyways, qsbs suck becuase if you make a mistake and need to take the QSB off you will most likely lift a track off the board and then your console is finished.

Get a 250GB slim off gumtree for ~200 160 for xk3y or a Xbox 360 4gb E Console from JB for 4 220 for rhh/xk3y (not sure if this is even possible) 360 HD Any advice appreciated...thanks =) I picked up a 120GB phat from EB (Yeah got GTA V at the same time), already did a drive flash.

I myself am wondering if its even worth get the xk3y, from what I see its hard to pickup the verbatim discs now.

Titan Fall, project spark, watchdogs etc, all of these games that are modeled as exclusives are not. Hi All, Its been a while since i turned on my xbox. After all this talk about GTA5, i think i want to resurrect it.

The last time i switched it on would've been around 2007 ? i never did any updates thinking that one day, it would become useful with an old dashboard.

We have had 2 customers screw up their installation on those small 4gb pads, and they are easilty lifted, and then the console is pretty much dead. just curious as to what dipswitch settings you recommend on the CR3 lite with a corona v2?EDIT: Okay, so i have worked out i need to order the Nand X JTAG cable and QSB's, where would the best place to get them from be? They where going to do the same main board thing, and then the adapter boards, but i think they decided agaisnt it So, I've just updated my Jasper 512Mb Jtag to the latest dash ahead of the release of GTA 5 and was wondering, how rare are Jtags (especially 512Mb Jaspers) to come by?So this is what i need from what i have worked out. Chop the end off one side of the cable, and solder the wires in QSB's are sold to try and make money off every single install, under the disguise of it being easier to do. And what is all this RGH stuff people are going on about?Titan Fall, project spark, watchdogs etc, all of these games that are modeled as exclusives are not.Xbox 360 will not die – It probably had 3 solid years left, and then people will start to leave it alone. M$ have stated they will support the 360 until 2016 atm. I know I'm sticking with the 360 for atleast 6 months after next gens release so i have the full run down on each console before i buy.

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