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In the race with Rainbow Dash, the player is given two "lanes" and can switch between the two instantaneously by clicking the left mouse button.

Clouds will fly along these two "lanes" and the player must dodge them.

This is a simple game but it is very funny and interesting.

I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game.

However, as of 1.4 version, the game can lag when the score hits 41 or more if you have not done AJ's scene. The tree kicking mini-game is also the only way to earn money as it can be repeated infinitely and will pay out an amount of bits based on the strength of the kick; 20-29 will earn 10 bits, 30-39 will earn 20 bits and 40 will earn 40 bits.In order to achieve his/her goals, the player must interact with various objects and ponies.The player clicks on the various items and ponies in order to interact with them.You can make some characters if you like and have time. You will make My Little Pony character as you love. Banned From Equestria (Daily) is a point-and-click sex/clop game created by Pokehidden.

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