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Harem members must remain slender, obedient, but not necessarily friendly with each other. Later he admitted the child was his but by that time Miss Keeffe fled from Mr.

Raniere, aided by the New York State Bureau of Criminal Investigations officer Rodger Kirsop who arranged a series of “safe houses” for Miss Keeffe and her son to hide in and reside. Raniere also, according to court documents, promised at least two other women that he would sire an avatar child with them. Raniere who in turn sued them in multiple forums on a variety of legal causes. Raniere’s teachings on the management of harems have made their way into the SOP teachings for men.

I'm not sure if this dude was on drugs while talking to me or if he really wanted me to gather my ethnic girl gang to step on his face, shackle him and beat him senseless. After centuries of welts, shit food, murder and other horrendous things done to Black slaves, he can take a tiny crack of a whip.Through DOS, Miss Mack has created a system to maintain power over other women. Raniere has long been rumored to have a harem — a group of women who are permitted to have sex only with him. Raniere their spiritual husband as well as teacher, savior, and “all in all.” Because of the creep of age – Mr. To learn the secret teachings of SOP, members pay for their lessons.Raniere is now approaching 57 – he cannot provide sexual satisfaction to all the women in his harem. It is known that men are taught they are polygamous, while women are monogamous.Raniere teaches the same lessons that he himself practices with his own harem. Raniere seeks out a woman’s flaws and weaknesses and brings them to her attention. To do so might cause her spiritual death and him physical harm. Raniere – which at any given time – roughly half of the harem so finds themselves – Mr. Raniere’s pleasure, they are taught that they may find lasting contentment. Raniere has found it advantageous to keep his women on a low calorie vegetarian diet, train them to keep bodies lean by having them run half marathons, keep their hair long to maximize receptivity, sleep only when given permission, give all money to him or for his service, forbid them from sleeping with other men and learn to enjoy criticism for the sake of improvement and to weep with joy at praise that may fall from his lips.If the woman is defiant, this may be done by insult, debasing comments, scorn, mockery, neglect and banishment. Raniere may absent himself and the harem member is left to commiserate with other sister-wives. Raniere teaches however that his absenting himself from a woman may not be a mark of his disfavor. This uncertainty allows a neglected woman to spend time in introspection trying to determine if Mr. He has indicated to a number of his harem members that he will be impregnating them with a child that will succeed him as the savior of the world.

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