Mandating water efficiency

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The Water Efficiency Management Plan allows customers to: Get Funding Organisations may wish to tap on PUB’s Water Efficiency Fund to assist in the implementation of water efficiency projects if they are able to meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant type of project.

Please visit to find out more about the fund.

Until November 2009, I still had my mother’s old machines that were 20-ish years old, and they worked great, for years, before they both began to slowly poop out.

I think the second best practice is basically the cultural stuff; and that is greater emphasis on installing low-water-use plant material on all properties going forward, and on some retrofits. C.; and is responsible for the Irvine Company office portfolio, consisting of more than 500 buildings, 30 million square feet of landscape, 12 million square feet of turf and more than 50,000 trees.His insights from the "Outsmarting the Drought" series are as follows; Q: What has changed for you and the Irvine Company since the governor's executive order mandating water reduction? Prior to this, the water reductions have pretty much been voluntary.I never bought into the high-efficiency (HE) concept, and in fact I have always despised the newfangled front-loader design.I was right when I assumed the opinion that those atrocities were nothing more than an environmental stunt and marketing scam, backed by the force of politics and special interests.

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