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Probably a faint hope but does anyone have any ideas?

Some Mac Mail users have discovered that Mail app misbehaves after updating to OS X 10.10.4 (and some with OS X 10.11 El Capitan) particularly with Exchange and Gmail accounts, but it can happen with other email provider services as well.

Or then maybe your Windows Store app does not work properly and stops downloading half way.

In any case, if your Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter has not helped you, then this new automated troubleshooter should help you fix the problem.

Typically the problem manifests in one of a few ways; e Mail logins suddenly stall or fail, Mail app fails to check for new email, Mail app fails to send emails, or Mail app just doesn’t do anything at all and will basically hang on launch as a never-ending server connection is attempted but fails to establish.

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I talked to Microsoft and they basically said -- yeah, that can happen sometimes and we don't have a reason why. Edit: I should mention that if the user closes Outlook 2010 and then opens it up again the mailbox updates.If there are a lot of folders, you can hit the limit very quickly and the mailbox will stop updating.If you turn off cached mode for the additional mailboxes, then you don't have this issue.7 people access another users mailbox which has 800 folders.When they had mail on-prem I just turned off shared folder caching.

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