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This is the best one to visit if all you care about is seeing a live sex show.

Moulin Rouge is next door, here you will see less of a live sex show and a lot more props.

Most of the time there will be one male stripper show in the rotation.

Amsterdam’s Moulin Rouge is more about the props though.

One important note, don’t try to snap any pics or videos inside.

They are very strict on this and it won’t end well.

If you want to see the best live sex shows in Amsterdam head to Casa Rosso.

They have a nice variety of performers who go on stage for 10 minute shows, generally there are 8 different shows that rotate throughout the night.

We don’t mean in porn, we mean in real life right in front of you.This post will tell you more about how you can watch live sex shows in Amsterdam’s red light district. You can do just about anything you want in this city as it has some of the best nightlife in Europe.There are three main bars where you can go to watch Amsterdam’s live sex shows.The price is 60 euros and this comes with an open bar.However unlike at the other shows you get kicked out after your hour is up, the other spots you can stay for as long as you like or until the place closes.

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