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I'm a serial abandoner 9) Should she keep her distance from her father?Without even being aware, unresolved abandonment issues can wreak havoc with our lives driving us into a revolving door of failed starts and premature relationship break-ups.

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He has his own history of psychological triggers that may or may not include issues with abandonment.(And if he doesn't have these fears, he'll be totally perplexed and likely wonder where she's coming from.know where this is's just like throwing gas on the abandonment fire.) #2.

Are you haunted by the that your partner may leave you?

You might recognize abandonment fears in your reaction to your partner's "departures".

They are tantamount to the most desperate and scary feelings that can arise for any of us.

In fact, feelings of anger or despair can be so strong and easily triggered, they motivate people in ways that are quite puzzling to an outside observer.3) My personal musings 4) Abandonment issue aren't easy to recognize 5) Feelings of abandonment are learned6) Infant life is naturally scary7) Abandonment issues can be resolved RELATED COMMENTS (and Shrinklady Replies): 1) Am I an "abandonment magnet"?

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