Lanka 7 sex marriage and dating communication

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The village monk persuades them to stay, with the support of a schoolteacher, who later manages to get the village guards trained by the military.Director: Sarath Weerasekara An elderly man who regrets certain events in his past life displays his struggle to relieve the bottled up feelings which had disturbed him throughout his life. See full summary » Director: Bennett Rathnayake The 1st queen of the king dies in child birth, the prince survives.Director: Asoka Handagama A Silver screen idol of yesteryear a faded star today.In the web of a scandal the limelight is all her again.Directors: Thisara Imbulana, Thisara Mangala Bandara, Chandana Prasanna Kannagi (Pooja) born in the Chola kingdom, one of the three kingdoms in South India around 1,500 years ago, is happily married to Kovalan (Uddika), a millionaire. See full summary » Director: Sunil Ariyaratne This is an extraordinary tale from over 2600 years ago, of a Prince who is endowed with everything he needs and more.Luxury, palaces and all hearts desires, are provided to him by his ...

The oversubscription of the first people speech act (IPO) was a significant highlight of our market entry.A long forgotten secret resurfaces making her undertake the most painful journey ever.Director: Prasanna Vithanage SUWISAL is a successful, middle-aged company director, but he has a melancholic personality and is very forgetful.See full summary » Directors: Chathra Weeraman, Bharatha Hettiarachchi Zoom is a 2016 Sri Lankan Sinhala horror romantic film directed by Sameera Wackwella and co-produced by Dhammika Abeysena and Praveen Jayaratne for Dil Films International Limited. See full summary » Director: Sameera Wackwella A poor child, having grown up with his mother, is suddenly recognized by everyone in the city after his astounding speech on the difference of monetary values of different people from a ...See full summary » Director: Asoka Handagama Rajeev, a radio jockey working with Heart FM, frequently gets song requests from two girls.

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