L word speed dating episode

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It may even be Shane, the self-sabotaging reluctant heartbreaker.

But the truth is, it'll probably be Alice, who's right there with you as you navigate through all of the so-good-it-hurts and so-bad-it's-good episodes of the Seasons/Episodes You Can Skip: Every episode is pretty vital, and each contributes to the mounting drama that will inevitably unravel in the final episodes of the season, so it's a good idea to watch Seasons 1-4 in their entirety.

Erin Daniels' character, Dana Fairbanks, starts in a multi-episode storyline dealing with a breast cancer battle and culminating with her death.

Notable of this season is that each episode begins with a short pre-credits vignette of two individuals meeting romantically or sexually.

Also, LA-newcomers Dawn Denbo (Elizabeth Keener) and her lover Cindi (Alicia Leigh Willis) arrive and set into motion what ends up being a very weird lesbian nightclub turf war. (The phrase "Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi" will get more terrible, funnier the longer you think about it. Season 5: Episode 7, "Lesbians Gone Wild" Jenny becomes a total tyrant on the set of .

The singular bright spot of the episode is Molly (Clementine Ford), Bette's boss's grumpy Ice Queen daughter who only seems to thaw around Shane.

It won't be long before you find yourself beginning to love these characters and soon, Alice Pieszecki & Co.

It might be Dana (Erin Daniels), the professional tennis player and amateur lesbian.

New characters in this season include Moira Sweeney (a working class butch portrayed by Daniela Sea who is Jenny’s girlfriend for most of the season) and Angus Partridge (portrayed by Dallas Roberts), Angelica’s male nanny who later becomes Kit's lover.

Sweeney starts the process of transitioning switching his name to Max.

The series begins with Jenny Schecter's (Mia Kirshner) arrival in LA.

Shortly after she's moved in, she's caught up in a whirling dervish of what *Orange is the New Black’*s Mr.

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