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Wealthy individuals, such as landowners, wore elaborate and expensive clothing.

The nobility and upper classes dressed more elegantly.

Orthodox Jews train their girls from a very young age to dress modestly.

Men in some communities are discouraged from wearing shorts, although the laws that govern covering the body are not as stringent with men as with women.

In some communities, women wear socks, tights or stockings as well, but this is not universal among the Orthodox.

Married Jewish women typically cover their hair as a sign that they are no longer single.

When the Jews were sovereign in the Land of Israel in ancient times, the standard of dress reflected their status.When asked how she merited such great honor, she explained that she never exposed her hair, not even in her own home.There are many more stories in the Talmud about the greatness and importance of modesty.Some women will wear tights or any other leg wear even if the legs are seen, as long as they are covered.Some ultra-orthodox Jewish women are very strict to wear a thick leg covering with dark colors so that no part of the leg can be seen.

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